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Beyond Brands: Humble Tips On Creating Great Slogans


Slogans. They have been around for ages, reflecting brands and, most importantly, defining lifestyles and generations. Creating a strong one is not a stroll in the park. Indeed, when a slogan is well-thought out, it can become an inspiration, a value, and even a way of life.

Take the timeless “Just do it”, for example. Not only is it memorable, but it has taken its brand outside the sports industry and spread its ideology in every endeavor human beings take. It has become a motivational call for seizing moments and achieving things without procrastination. Another great example is “a diamond is forever”. These 4 words have defined the value of diamond jewelry eternally and have made every woman ask for it.

So how to proceed in creating memorable slogans?

1-Think different:
Needless to say, your slogan should be original and memorable. You should make it stand out from the rest of the pool.

2-Have it your way:
A brand’s slogan should directly reflect the ideology and culture behind its identity. If it’s not entirely your own, then it is in vain. Your brand has a specific character; emphasize it.

3-Impossible is nothing:
While it might feel like there isn’t one new and original idea left out there, think again. Although we live in a world where everything has been done and done again, when your brand has what it takes, originality is a given.

4-Just do it:
If you don’t try, you won’t come up with the best slogan there is. Get out there, start jotting down ideas, and just do it.

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