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Autodesk Acquires Arnold Render


Arnold is one of the leading render plugins in the world of 3D graphics. It is a fast and efficient Monte Carlo raytracer. The realism that it delivers, added to the simplicity of its interface, is what made Solid Angle’s masterpiece so popular.

In the press release on April the 18tth 2016 at 8:00 am EDT, Autodesk announces the acquisition of Solid Angle, the company behind Arnold*.

“Arnold started as an experiment at Cinesite a little while ago but has quickly become our primary renderer. What impressed us most apart from the blazing raytrace speed, low memory consumption and stability with everything & anything you throw at it, is the elegant ease of use, allowing artists to focus on their art rather than technicalities.”

Chris Nickel, CG Supervisor, Cinesite

Arnold has taken the VFX industry by storm, making a name of itself and getting integrated in the pipeline of over 500 studios worldwide, on projects like Oscar winning. Ex Machina to TV series like HBO’s Game of Thrones.





SolidAngle started selling Arnold on their website since 2014, making it accessible to the public. The main concerns come mainly from non-Autodesk users that have been rendering via Arnold since its release on other 3D software like Houdini and Cinema 4D. Their concern is that they would stop developing the software any further, as it happened to other Autodesk purchases, or that they will focus mainly on the development of this plugin on the Autodesk main software, Maya.

We all hope for the best for this new acquirement by Autodesk and, with the industry moving forward, we have to keep ourselves  up to date on the technological advances of the 3D world.

*Press Release:

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