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Why Do You See SEO Everywhere?


For 3 years now SEO has been my partner in crime. Most of the people when asking me “what do you do?” and get to hear “SEO” echo in my answer, they stand still and have a freeze moment; then the famous question suddenly pops: “what does that mean?”

I bet you are wondering what it means too. I will give you the quick short answer stuck in my mind. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process used to increase the amount of visitors to your website organically, by obtaining a high ranking placement in search result pages such as Google and Yahoo that you use every day.

This is the definition in general, but I can talk for hours about its benefits and how to gain traffic without paying a penny; but that would be too much details for you to know.

But Honestly I am starting to notice that SEO is becoming more and more familiar to you people, and everyone is seeing it everywhere because all digital media agencies are starting to discover its importance and benefits and are using it in their projects!

There are a lot of exciting things that I see in SEO. But what I like the most, is how it feeds my curiosity when searching for keywords just to see how the same research on the same topic can differ from a country to another. And most importantly I like to know what people look for when they surf the internet!

You would be absolutely surprised to know for example, that the famous Turkish series “العشق الاسود” have a search volume in Lebanon six times higher than in Turkey (Arabic and Turkish).

Yes, it is enjoyable, but the worst part is waiting for results, since SEO campaigns take at least 4 months to start showing results. So you need to be patient before getting yourself into this new free solution!

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