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Tricks For Working With Kids On Set


As an Art Director or Photographer, working with kids on set is, for the most part, unavoidable. Here are some tips to get you through the tricky ordeal of snapping nice kids’ photos…

1. Have patience; Little ones can be rather restless and timid, so try to stay tolerant.

2. Be Ready; Have the set and props ready prior to the child’s arrival, so as not to confuse or upset them with too much hustle and bustle.

3. Get down to their level; When you speak to them, crouch or kneel down next to them so that you are at eye’s level. This helps get your message across.

4. Try to avoid flash; The flash might irritate little ones’ eyes and start a fit. Use LEDs or any kind of other types of lighting to avoid flash.

5. Give them treats; After discussing with their parents or guardians any food allergies or restrictions, keep them happy with some treats such as candy and chocolate, but avoid too much so as not to induce a sugar rush.

6. Let them be free; Try not to restrict them with too many directions. Let them do their own thing for some spontaneity.

7. Have a small crew on set; If there are too many people on set children might get shy or over-stimulated.

8. As a photographer, be “invisible”; When taking pictures, try to snap them spontaneously and without being up in the kid’s face, so they don’t get overwhelmed or freeze in front of the camera.

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