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Top Logo Trends Of 2016


Here is a step into the world of design and the top logo trends of 2016! Although we can’t say any of these styles are new, they are definitely trending this year, and some have been trending for even longer than that. Take a look…

Top Logo Trends Of 2016 | Hybrid Talks

This style is characterized by a simple and minimal feel. The quirky acronym “KISS” sums it all up: Keep It Simple, Stupid!
Look at the new logos of Uber, Subway, Google, DKNY, and Master Card, which have all been transformed into flat logos. They have gotten “undressed” or have lost their typographical details to transform into simpler and more common letter forms.
Top Logo Trends Of 2016 | Hybrid Talks

The gradient style portrays a highly shaded and dynamic design. Colorful or otherwise, this style has been trending for awhile now. It is the complete opposite of minimalism or flat designs, and many companies or institutions refer to if they want to stand out.
This year’s most popular gradient-style logos are Rio Olympics 2016 (although it was designed back in 2010) and Instagram.

Top Logo Trends Of 2016 | Hybrid Talks

This style is mostly reserved for niche markets such as the F&B industry, hand-made products, and Crafts or DIY businesses. It is very crafty-looking, which explains its positioning.
The Handwriting style of logo design, which has been trending for awhile, can be seen in the logos of the Lebanese brands Cup and Roll, Souk El Akel, Butcher’s BBQ Joint, and June Beach Resort.

Top Logo Trends Of 2016 | Hybrid Talks

Negative Space
Also known as “smart logos”, these sort of logos make use of what is “between the lines” in order to get the message across. When used creatively, it can be a pleasant sort of optical illusion. They are very difficult to come up with, but when executed appropriately, it can be very appealing.
Even some older logos, such as Fed Ex (the arrow between the E and the X) and Zaatar w Zeit (the Z between the drop of oil and the thyme leaf) are examples of the trending Negative Space style, and surprisingly, Hawa Chicken hides the word “hawa” inside the chicken’s body. Once you see it, you’re highly unlikely to un-see it!

Top Logo Trends Of 2016 | Hybrid Talks

This style mostly serves specific markets which are known either to be classy, high end, or sophisticated, or fun and playful, such as Popcity and CosmoCity in Lebanon.

Top Logo Trends Of 2016 | Hybrid Talks

Geometric logos are still a thing this year, and it is actually very appealing to the eye, especially when used alongside other techniques (such as Gradient!).
Some logos falling under this style are Lebanon’s Bank of Beirut, and Beirut Digital District, and on an international level, the infamous Tokyo Olympics logo.

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