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Time Management Tips For Freelancers


Freelancing has its pros and cons, and one thing that is a pro and con at the same time is the issue of time management. Here are some tips to help you manage your time when you are juggling projects and creating your own rules and schedule…

1. Be Selective:
Choose the projects you take on wisely and with your own personal interest in mind. Don’t take on a project you are not enthusiastic about, because if you’re not into it fully, it will be harder to focus and give enough time for it.

2. Prioritize:
Make a list of priorities based on work, personal life, and other household tasks you need to get done. It is necessary to be dedicated, but freelancing can lead to a mix up of priorities and turn you into a workaholic.

3. Take Breaks:
Taking breaks throughout the day is important in order to be able to maintain focus and work to your maximum potential. Every hour or two, get up and take a walk, or go out for a cup of coffee with a friend.

4. Set Goals:
Set a goal for every day, and make sure to work towards that goal. Whether it is to a certain project, or to prepare a certain presentation, make sure you have a main focus to work toward.

5. Make A Schedule:
Make a schedule with a, roughly, 9-hour day. Stick to this schedule as if you were running a tight business, and work on deadlines, that way you can manage your time for other things in life accordingly.

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