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The Rio Olympics 2016 Logo

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Fusing the right colors with the right vibes and the right concept, the Rio Olympics 2016 logo is an impressive treat to the eyes.  Although the logo was revealed on New Year’s Eve of 2010, it is still trendy today, and that is why it is a gold medal winner to us.

One of the main characteristics of the Rio Olympics 2016 logo is the use of gradients to give it a 3-dimensional perspective. In the design world, this year has been all about gradients and the 3D optical illusion created with that effect (check out Instagram’s new logo).

The Brazilian vibes apparent in the logo reflect the festivities, the friendliness, and the hospitable nature of the country with its colors which are vibrant and lively, and also represent elements familiar to the land: the yellow representing the sun, the blue representing the water, and the green representing the forest – the colors of the flag.

The Rio Olympics 2016 Logo | Hybrid Talks

The shape of the emblem reveals one of the country’s famous landmarks – the Sugarloaf Mountain of Rio de Janeiro – and also represents unity – 3 people holding hands in a united circle.


The typeface was worked on over the span of 1 month, and 7 options were presented initially. This year’s typeface in a way resembles the emblem with its flow.

The brand is easily experienced through the mix of typeface and emblem, promoting the sense of unity, diversity, energy, and  liveliness of the Olympic games.

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