Working With Smoothing Groups In 3Ds Max | Hybrid Talks

Smoothing Groups


Have you ever thought that you needed to add extra detail to your 3D objects and end up smoothing them so much that your great grandchildren would see the end result of your renders? It

Food Styling Hacks | Hybrid Talks

Food Styling Hacks


From melting ice cream to lackluster produce, the woes of food photography are plenty. The key to getting that perfect shot worthy of billboards all over the country is the styling hacks that get everything

DIY Photography Hacks | Hybrid Talks

DIY Photography Hacks


Once you’ve saved up enough cash to invest in a big, shiny, full frame DSLR, you’ll probably start dreaming of buying all the filters and lenses and accessories. If your pocket isn’t deep enough, we’ve

Creatives' Confessions | Hybrid Talks

Creatives’ Confessions


Working in a creative agency can generate some awesome stories that we definitely want to keep anonymous. Here is a compilation of confessions from creatives across the industry… “I like it when I arrive earlier