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Have You Ever Committed These Logo Design Clichés?


In the design word you can sometimes be crunched for time or just too stressed to come up with innovative, out of the box ideas for your logos. So we would understand if you’ve ever fallen into these cliché designs. Are you guilty?

Helvetica or Comic Sans fonts
It is everyone’s friendly font, so don’t go there. Or if you have to, make the logo design remarkable enough so one could overlook the font choice.

Double Letters Overlapping
Again, don’t go there. This design is so generic and ‘blah’. You can do way better!

Arcs and Swishes
This shape and too abused and overused in logos. Avoid this by creating geometric lines of your own if you must.

Creating a reflection effect for your logo is so cliché it just screams 1990s. Don’t do it!

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