Kick Those Monday Blues & Get A Good Start To The Week

Kick Those Monday Blues And Get A Good Start To The Week


The prospect of waking up Monday morning can be an emotional affair whether it’s the thought of another work week, an assignment due, or just a general sense of the weekend being over. Here are some ways to kick those Monday blues…

Have An Awesome Breakfast
Start the week off with a healthy but tasty breakfast. It will give you the energy you need to start the day; a full stomach is always a plus.

Prepare An Energetic Playlist
Everybody has their go-to pick-me-up songs, so create a playlist with all of those great tracks to listen to during your morning workout or on your way to work.

Allow Yourself To Smile
Monday mornings can be daunting, but allowing yourself to smile and laugh in the morning is essential to starting the week off right. Studies have shown that laughter reduces certain stress hormones.

Enjoy A Caffeine Boost
Start your Monday morning off with a cup of tea or coffee to get the creative juices flowing. Caffeine helps recharge your system.

Snack On Dark Chocolate
Studies have shown that Dark Chocolate includes certain chemicals and nutrients which improve brain function on the long and short-term. So snack away!

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