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Changing The Face Of Summer Concerts: Julia Boutros

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Over the weekend, Lebanese singer Julia Boutros performed in a concert promoting her latest album “ana meen”. The event took place at Dbayeh Waterfront City with a custom-made stage and an area accommodating over 8,000 people. It was very well organized with thorough security checks. The show witnessed a full-house, and the crowd was very enthusiastic for Julia’s new and old songs. In attendance were people of all ages and backgrounds, with several political figures as well.

The production of this event was remarkable with Lebanese news outlets calling it “the biggest event of 2016”. The venue, which had been built specifically for this event at Waterfront City, featured a spacious, exclusively seated audience area, giant LED screens, numerous camera types, like drones and fly cams for covering the event, a lift platform, and striking lights and graphics.

One of the biggest orchestral presence, 160 members of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra were present on stage, behind Julia, throughout the performance. Japanese Taiko drummers also accompanied the singer.
With over 8,000 people in attendance, this concert is said to be one of the biggest concerts of the year. The anticipation built up prior to the concert with some very appealing billboards, and even the album design itself is notable with a new and edgy lettering style – which was also used as animation on the LED screens as people were filing in to take their seats before the show.  All of this has attracted a wider audience and younger generation.

Compared to other concerts by Julia, this was the first time the visuals were so customized and specific to the event. Previously unseen video clips filmed specifically for each song were screened behind the singer as she performed. It was a classical stage design, but what made it look good was the screens and harmonious visuals. The entire affair was a very emotional and moving scene.

All in all, Julia Boutros in concert at Waterfront City Dbayeh this past Saturday, August 27, 2016 was of the highest caliber.

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