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Is Branding Dying?


Brands are becoming more important than ever in the era of information overload.

Creating a brand is not about designing the best logo, choosing the most suitable color palette, typefaces, and imagery, or even having a balanced combination of all the above criteria. Today, a brand has to take part of people’s minds. If nobody knows about your brand, it is dead, no matter how creative the graphics are.

Branding isn’t dead, but it does not work as it did 20 or 30 years ago. However, with the way it continues to be approached by much of the marketing industry, it may as well be. The companies who will win the day, are the ones who will build facts about the brand – tell their stories loudly, and keep telling them to create an unforgettable brand experience.

Referring to storytelling, creating events, and memories, and eventually connecting with communities, today, clients are not only concerned about how their brand looks, but about who knows about their brand, and how to reach the ones that don’t.

A brand has to be out there, all the time. It has to interact, speak, and breathe with its audience. It has to reach them and tell them its story or news constantly.

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