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Hybrid Talks’ Christmas Special: It’s The Most Spending-ful Time Of The Year


It’s the most spending-full time of the year: How marketing overkill is ruining the best holiday ever.

Marketing. This word has various definitions. One of the most prominent definitions of marketing is “selling the value” of a product or service. Fair enough. With that being said, let us define the value of the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas.

Christmas’s value is weighed in happiness, gatherings and celebrating life.
Oh wait…Forgive my capitalistic alter-ego, but that’s not it.

Nowadays, Christmas’s value is basically measured by weighing the amount of spending on gifts against the width of smiles they draw on the receivers’ faces.

Sadly, dear readers, this is what has become of a time meant to inspire forgiveness, joy and family spirit. Streets are filled with brand names, endorsements, special price tags and offers. We have become shopping robots that aim for their target and are willing to step on someone else in order to get our “precious” prize.

There is nothing wrong with marketing, and there is nothing wrong with consuming the products it promotes. However, a holiday about humility shouldn’t be blinded by price tags and cha ching sounds, and we shouldn’t forget the real values that we should be pursuing.

Let us enjoy the holidays the way they are intended to be lived.
With that being said, happy holidays everyone!

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