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How to Create Engaging and Relevant Video Content


Short online videos are invading all social media channels, proving to be very effective sources of engagement. Video content is indeed a very strong tool of storytelling that has been used by most international brands and presents various benefits:

  • Short Length: Most people who stumble upon them will watch them because they usually don’t exceed 2min.
  • Entertainment: Regardless of their types, whether they are short documentaries or mini-series, videos in their moving and dynamic nature entertain audiences.
  • Credibility Source: Videos give brands more credibility according to recent research and label them as trustworthy.
  • Instant: This type of videos is instant; especially with Smartphones, they can be shot and edited on the spot.
  • Low Cost: As opposed to advertising spots, video content doesn’t have to cost a lot, due to its instant nature and social purpose.

Creating video content for brands is fun, exciting and challenging at the same time. Every brand needs to have its own style of videos that tell the same theme overall in a consistent way. Below are tips to consider when creating video content for any brand:

  1. Have a list of stories: Before starting creating videos, make sure you have a list of stories about the brand to tell your audience.
  2. One main promise: Regardless of the story your video is telling, make sure that it falls under your brand’s promise to make it relevant and unique.
  3. One target audience: Stick to the main audience of the brand, tell them what they want to hear. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself: “Would I want to watch this video?”
  4. Tone of voice: Just like it should tell one promise, your video should follow the tone of voice of your brand of course.
  5. Create a structure: If you are creating a series of videos under one continuous format, make sure to have a common structure overall. Thus you will guarantee consistency and people will know that these videos are under the same campaign.
  6. Simplicity: Keep it simple, feasible and understandable.
  7. Keep it short: If you want audiences to actually watch your video and engage with it or share it, don’t let it exceed 1min 30secs. The optimal length is 45secs.
  8. Be original: Although you will be reflecting one promise as explained, you need to stay original and come up with new and creative stories.
  9. Keep it interesting: Use emotions or humor to keep people interested in watching and make them feel personally targeted.
  10. Enjoy it: After all you’re making a movie.

So here you have them, some tips to make engaging and interesting video content. Don’t be afraid to experiment and always keep in mind that you are telling stories to create relationships.

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