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How To Handle Negative Feedback From Clients


First, smile. Take a deep breath, and don’t think about the bullet that just went through your heart!

  1. Understand the feedback and ask as many questions to get the point. Most of the time, the client is not comfortable with one tiny detail, but does not know how to express his/herself. As a result they end up hating the whole piece.
  2. Don’t take it personally.
  3. Educate the client. For the most part, the client does not know how to express themselves. Take into consideration that usually the client is as far away from the visual communication world as possible. So, do not take their words or solutions literally.
  4. Try to have face to face discussions whenever presenting, and avoid sending your proposal via email.
  5. Defend your work and explain the thinking behind it. The client might change his/her mind if they understand where you are coming from or if they see how confident you are with the work.
  6. Show your client related references or successful models.
  7. Show the client that you are a pro and you know what you are talking about.
  8. Let them trust you.
  9. Memorize the feedback so you don’t fall again and document everything by email.
  10. If all your attempts to convince the client fail, find a way to move the project forward regardless.

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