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Food Styling Hacks


From melting ice cream to lackluster produce, the woes of food photography are plenty. The key to getting that perfect shot worthy of billboards all over the country is the styling hacks that get everything just right and make the shoot go smoothly. Here are some great tips to use the next time you’re pulling an all-nighter to capture the juiciest hamburger…

  • Use mashed potatoes and add food coloring to imitate ice-cream so it doesn’t melt.
  • Create a frosty glass by using spray deodorant.
  • Use oil or hair spray to make food shiny (steak, chocolate ships, vegetables…).
  • Soak vegetables in cold water, directly after boiling, to maintain the rich color.
  • Use shaving cream instead of wiped cream so it doesn’t melt under the studio lights.
  • Keep green leaves (mint, basil…) in a cup of water to maintain their form.
  • Use a hairdryer, rather than a blowtorch, to melt cheese and chocolates etc.
  • Keep clear-drying glue on hand to make sure layers stick together.

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