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“Film Ameriki Tawil” In Cinemas Near You, Soon!


After Ziad Rahbani’s “Bennesbeh La Bokra Shou?” was screened in cinemas, another one of his hit plays will be coming soon to a theater near you.

“Film Ameriki Tawil”, the original theater production by Ziad Rahbani, will be coming to screens across Lebanon in October 2016. The movie’s trailer plays on the idea that nothing has changed in the country, except the fact that “Film Ameriki Tawil” went from a play to a movie. Self-described in the trailer as “100 minutes of back to back insanity”, this is a Lebanese cultural and artistic milestone that many from our generation grew up listening to or hearing our parents quoting lines from, and we finally get the chance to take part in the experience ourselves.

“Ma droure tkouno mjanin la to7darou…bas kamen mesh ghalat.”

Watch the trailer here.

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