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DIY Photography Hacks


Once you’ve saved up enough cash to invest in a big, shiny, full frame DSLR, you’ll probably start dreaming of buying all the filters and lenses and accessories. If your pocket isn’t deep enough, we’ve got some tips and do-it-yourself hacks to help you out.

P.S: None of these hacks are illustrated, not because we are too lazy to show you, but because we want you to get your creativity flowing. Experiment and show us your results!

Let’s start with tips for lenses…
• Think before you buy (investing in lenses you don’t need is a waste of money)
• Every one of us has a type of photography he/she likes (start from there and get the lenses you need for that)
• It doesn’t hurt to get professional help (from friends, teachers, etc…)
• Know the capabilities of your camera and what suits it best

Now, some camera tips…
• If you have a full frame camera and a lens to go with it, but sometimes you feel you might need more focal length… An easy fix is to put your camera in Dx format.
• Many cameras, whether full frame or cropped, come with a set of presets and on-camera effects… don’t be afraid to use them.
• Experiment with exposures and shutter speed, as some photography styles could stem from there…
• Know how to use your light source to give different moods (outdoor shooting is not as simple as you might think).

Finally, some easy DIY hacks… 
• You know, cling film is not only good for wrapping food; try wrapping your lens and coloring the film with various colors.
• For this one, you are going to need any UV filter, which is really cheap, and Vaseline. Now, you can experiment with Vaseline strokes on the filter after putting it on the lens, but we recommend circular patterns, basically drawing a Vaseline ring, but leaving the center clean.
• So, you want some grains to your photos a certain mood, tint, or maybe just experiment for the fun of it? Well, you can blame your dog for your girlfriend’s missing stockings, but if you don’t have a dog … you are screwed. Place the stockings over the lens, and there you have it!
• Get some cardboard, cut it to the diameter of your lens, then cut any pattern to its center and, “Voila, les bokeh sont magnifique!”

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