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Byblos Bank’s Expat Housing Loan Ad: There’s No Home Like A Home In Lebanon

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Byblos Bank has released an ad promoting its Expat Housing Loan, targeting Lebanese living abroad. Following the hip, young trend seen in many of the most recent Lebanese ads, the ad couples in vogue music (courtesy of Mashrou’ Leila with their song Aoede from their latest release Ibn El Leil) with shots of daily Lebanese life… from Arguile delivery to Sunday BBQs with the family.

The script is on point, highlighting the tenderness one feels towards Lebanon. It brings to light all the daily quirks and peculiarities that make Lebanon what it is. Mentioning Teta’s cooking, eating green almonds at the start of Spring, enjoying a mankoushe, and finding a plumber on Sunday, this ad is touching, to say the least.

Regardless of whether investing in Lebanon at the moment is a smart decision or not, the ad does its job, tugging at expats’ heart strings and appealing to the Lebanese in them who will always want to come home back to the roots.

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