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How To Avoid Back Pain At Work


Keeping a static posture for long periods of time, particularly sitting at your desk in the office, can cause intense lower back pain. The trick to avoiding this is to regulate your time spent sitting down, as well as your posture and pressure points. Overtime, this pain could lead to major spinal issues which can worsen your back pain and make it chronic. Here are some tips for avoiding back pain while sitting at your desk in the office…

Make sure you set up your chair according to your body’s proportions and desk height. Being too high or too low with respect to your desk can create major strain on your back muscles. This especially depends on the type of work you are doing.

After sitting for a long time in the same position, people tend to slouch and that posture stretches out the spinal cord and strains the discs in the back, which causes pain and discomfort. Try to sit up straight and keep good posture by resting your lower back against the chair, or a pillow if need be.

Even if your day is busy, try to take a few breaks throughout your schedule. Get up and walk around your office, at least once per hour, stretching your legs and your back. This will help keep your back muscles from remaining in a static position for too long.

Eye level:
For perfect eye level, try to keep your head and neck aligned, right above your shoulders. This can help prevent neck pain which could cause back pain.

Creating too much distance between yourself and your computer or desk work could cause you to reach, thus straining your muscles. Your upper body should be about an arm’s length away from your computer keyboard or paperwork.

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