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6 Tips For Your First Facebook Live Video


Streaming live videos has recently become the new craze on Facebook, and it is truly a great marketing tool to use for your brand’s online presence, but there are definitely some tips you should follow in order to get the most out of your Facebook live stream experience. Here are 6 tips to take into consideration for your first Facebook Live Video

  1. Let people know of your upcoming video and give them an idea about what to look forward to. That way, people will tune in and you have a better chance of a big volume of viewers.
  2. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. The worst thing that could happen is getting cut off during a live stream and leaving viewers wondering what is going on.
  3. Plan your video well: Who will hold the camera? Will you be moving around? How long will it last?
  4. Relax, smile, and speak clearly. Don’t let ‘stage fright’ get to you!
  5. End your video with a call to action, and let your audience know about the next video.
  6. Add a thank you message after filming, as people will still see the video in the archive with replay options.

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