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5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

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If you’re working and have to answer to someone, there are some things you should avoid saying to keep things clean and make yourself look good… Here are 5 things you should never say to your boss.

1. “That’s now how the old boss used to do it.”
Do not compare him or her to your previous employer. It is offensive and lets them know that you are comparing their company to others, which can be seen as a threat.

2. “I’m getting married, so I need a raise.”
Despite the fact that a raise would help in your situation, raises are given based on qualifications… If you feel qualified, ask based on that, but do not bring your personal life into the matter.

3. “John feels the same.”
When making a complaint of any kind, do not speak on the behalf of your colleagues. That would be defying their trust, and making you look weak, rather than supporting your own arguments.

4. “I don’t know how to do it.”
This statement shows lack of power and initiative, as well as laziness. Take on any challenge, do your best, and ask for help when needed, but do not turn down anything under the pretense of not knowing how.

5. “I’ve been working way harder than John.”
Comparing yourself to anyone else out loud is rude, insensitive, and shows that you are working for recognition and not for the benefit of the company and your job. Avoid voicing comparisons.

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