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5 Design Mistakes You Should Avoid


If you’re a designer, you’ve definitely faced these issues before… Read this list, check it twice, and avoid a headache!

1. Keep drafts 2, 3, 4, and ∞ in mind…
When saving your project file, don’t forget to save a raw format to go back to when edits come in. Think .PSD or .AI

2. Masks and more masks…
Use masks when editing visuals so that you preserve all information to go back to in case of error.

3. File names are important…
Make sure to save your files under names that are easy to identify and remember so that when it’s time to send it, you can actually find it.

4. Avoid using Google images…
At all costs, avoid using images and elements from Google images.

5. Check for attachment…
Before clicking ‘Send’, make sure your file is attached to avoid any blunders with clients.

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