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The 3 Golden Rules Of Design Feedback


Feedback from clients can sometimes be harsh, but in order to keep the project going and provide a good final result, it is necessary. Here are the 3 golden rules of feedback. You should definitely avoid giving designers these kinds of comments!

1. Fuzzy Remarks
In other words, don’t be vague. Give details and explain exactly what you liked and didn’t like, in order for the corrections to be made accurately and quickly.

2. Too Much Descriptiveness
Avoid throwing adjectives and pretty words at your designer. Say it like it is. Explain exactly what you want without going into super broad expressions and emotions.

3. Inaccurate Terms
If you don’t speak designer lingo, don’t confuse someone by saying you want it ‘cropped’ when you mean you want it ‘resized’. Either learn the lingo or use everyday layman’s English.

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